Mining Products Calculator

Kennametal Mining Products Price & Benefits Calculator App (Proposed Concept)

UX/UI Designer on an initial pitch for an interactive presentation for Kennametal. Kennametal offers tooling and industrial materials and this time they asked for an interactive calculator for their mining industry products. Customer should be able to quickly grasp benefits, such as product life expectancy and savings in comparison with the market competitors. Visually, the main idea is that through 3D visualisation of the mining landscape a simple click on a particular product/material displays whether Kennametal offers savings and other benefits in that particular area. A total amount of savings is always displayed at the top of the app. This is only a proposed idea of what the app could like. 3D imagery used is for placement only.

  • Client:

    Kennametal (tooling and industrial materials)

  • Role:

    Art Direction; Layout; Icons; Interactive; UX/UI

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